Saturday, May 31, 2008

Radio with pictures

I now know how John Logie Baird came up with the idea! I was resting on the sofa - I've got a terrible cold and had to get up early to have the car MOT-ed and taxed, so it's really taken it out of me! - and I had a very interesting dream. Mum and Dad were there, and we were listening to the radio. The bit I remember most clearly was when there was a man being interviewed on the radio who had caught a whole load of big fish. He was obviously particularly interested in the marlin that he had caught - a long nosed one and a baby one and another type as well - and he couldn't very well go swimming in South Africa, so obviously he caught them instead. As we listened, there were photos - a very blurry close up of the man's face, reclining on a deckchair on the deck of the boat while he fished - which I handed to mum to pass to dad, with a comment that he looked very pleased with himself - and a close up from his photo album showing the fish that he had caught.

I'm not sure what it was that roused me from sleep, but I realised that Evan Davies, who in my dream was about to start a discussion on Agas, was, in real life, really hosting a discussion about agas! So I asked H if there had been a man talking about fishing, and he said he thought so ... I'm about to go and find out, so watch this space for links!

(Mr Gregorak has been named "the Greatest Fisherman in the World" - the link on the radio is 26 mins in, if it's still there!)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Busy Day

What a day.

Woke up far too early - alarm set for an ungodly hour on the premise that it would wake us up and an hour later we would get up - well, an hour later I finally managed to start dreaming again, which meant that by the time I got up I was already pushing it for my first appointment of the day. Ah well. Got my stuff together, and arranged to meet H later at the MOT place.

Walked to my first appointment, nipped into the shops and post office, headed to MOT place, no sign of H. Asked the man if he had been and gone - no. Tried phoning, eventually got through, he was about to leave. By this time the MOT man had another couple of cars to do, so we'd have had to wait a couple of hours, and we had to drive to Nottingham, so I'll now need to get up early again tomorrow to wait for the MOT man again. And he's a bit strange, so I'm not really looking forward to it! Anyway, off we went to Nottingham. Fortunately the weather was fine, so apart from the fact that I'm a lousy passenger - and even worse since the accident a couple of months ago - it was a fine drive. Tried to arrange to meet a friend for lunch, but she's in Spain so no luck there.

Had a typical Wagamama meal, then H phoned the man we were meeting to see about a space. Turned out he'd phoned the house this morning - must have just missed H, we weren't that early - to say that we couldn't see the space. So we decided to go round to his office anyway.

Had a good chat, and H decided to make the most of the meeting by transferring some data from his laptop. Opened the bag - no laptop! It was still on the desk back home. Anyway, we managed to get quite a bit done from the internet, so it was fine, and we headed back home. However, arranged to meet another friend for a drink first, which was nice, at the uni, so a hot chocolate, two buds, a cafe latte and a piece of pecan pie later, off we went. I drove back - in the dark and in the rain, with that horrible feeling of the beginnings of a cold. It's always strange when you can actually feel it getting worse. The sore throat, aching head, nose a bit runnier, glands beginning to feel swollen, neck and throat getting worse, back of nose getting blocked, throat sorer, nose running ... H was feeling a bit under the weather too. Could it be the car?

Anyway, we're home now and it's been a long day and I have to get up and go to the MOT place tomorrow, so I'm off to bed now. Goodnight!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

To do over half term

  1. Complete Hinduism booklet and photocopy it.
  2. Write Year 10 reports.
  3. Mark three sets of Year 9 assessments. (2 down, 1 to go...)
  4. Mark books: Year 7, Year 8, Year 9.
  5. Write 3 lesson plans for project.
  6. Write Case Study for project.
  7. Send off all project stuff by 14 June.
  8. Write essay for other course.
  9. Car insurance, tax, MOT stuff - asap.
  10. Plan inspection lessons.
  11. Plan all assessments and lesson plans.
  12. Financial stuff.

I'm sure there's also all the admin and housekeeping stuff too. We'll see.

Busy Day!

Woke up around 8am. Got up and ready, out by about 8.40 am. Headed into the city for my conference. Spent around seven hours finding out what has to be done by 14 June ... quite a lot, it seems! But fortunately I might be on my way there - although I'll have to use my week off wisely! Lots to do!

Left around 3.30pm or so and came back home. We had already decided to go and see Indiana Jones and the whatever, so I sat and read half of my recently purchased book, before heading out towards the O2.

When we got there, H thought it would be a good idea to see if there were any tickets left for the Chris Rock gig. He had tried to get them on the internet, but to no avail. There were! And they were in the third row. So off we went into the Arena.

Chicken nuggets, cheeseburger and chips all went down well, and the people on either side of us in the arena were friendly. Since the last time we were in the arena was on the back row of the gods for the Prince concert, this was a little different! Front row seats for the record breaking comic. We were there until around 10.15pm or so. Rock was funny, funnier in some places than others. His observations on the difference between jobs and careers were, for me, the high point of his act. The relationship bit is funny if a bit on the crude side, but his observations on language and politically correctness weren't so hot. So a bit up and down, although we all laughed a lot.

We had paid for our Indy ticket on the internet, so H thought it would be worthwhile to see if we could exchange it. I didn't hold out much hope, but thought it wouldn't hurt to try. So we went and asked, and there was a show on at 11.30pm. So we had an ice cream and waited until we could get in.

Well. The music is still great, and it's nice to see Harrison Ford as Indy. However, it was all quite daft! I mean, aliens and flying saucers. The supernatural is one thing, but this was something else entirely! And a couple of the subplots were a bit silly too. Anyway, it was all fun - and it was nice to see the glow of the ark of the covenant in an early warehouse scene - but not as great as I had hoped.

On the way out, the square outside the O2 had been filled up with barriers. We wondered what sort of queue would necessitate that type of organised system, so we asked - the X Factor auditions. Some people were already there, waiting in the rain! Madness. On the way home we had to wait in another queue, this time of traffic, to go through the Blackwall Tunnel, which was closed in one direction. Glad to be finally home; very tired!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Almost the holidays

Handed out certificates to Years 7 and 9 today - they seemed happy to receive them.

We received the sad news that H's sister died this morning.

No more words now.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A good day

It's been a good day - a great day - all round! H has received the firstfruits from the printer, I had a lesson observed that went well - a "Good" lesson - and our school trip was also quite successful and enjoyable! I got a book and some posters for the class, which we will use as part of a display of our trip. Nice weather as well - a bit hot on the tube - all in all a good day. Managed to tick off a few things too!

Friday, May 16, 2008

To do this week

1. Finalise lesson plan and resources for observation.
2. Write up all lesson plans and produce resources for project.
3. Complete Hinduism booklet.
4. Produce mark scheme for Y9 assessment.
5. Send off all car insurance stuff.
6. Pay bills, MOT etc.
7. Go on school trip!
8. Attend course.
9. Write a resume of St Paul's letters for Year of St Paul stuff. (Wasn't needed in the end!)
10. Produce subject specific ICT links for teachers.
11. Write Year 10 reports.
12. Plan all lessons, including cover lessons.
13. Plan homeworks (for over the holidays ...)
14. Produce KS3 review of schemes of work for inspection.
15. Mark Year 7 books.
16. Write essay for course.

I'm sure there are more things I need to do! But this will more than keep me going!

A much better week with some good lessons

I'm sure the beautiful, hot, sunny weather we have had recently has helped as well!

I am getting observed next week, and this week have planned a few lessons with another teacher, which I have really enjoyed. I hadn't realised how much I miss joint planning!

Took my Year 9s then my Year 8s onto the computers - and, of course, many of the things I wanted to use with them wouldn't work! Ah well, at least it's given some ideas, hopefully!

Most of all, I have enjoyed my Year 7 classes. They've done loads of work, and I'm really pleased with them!

Now, I had loads of other things I was going to write about, but now I can't remember what they were! I slept in this morning ... very tired. Lots of late nights planning lessons.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Busy Weekend

I had my course yesterday - very interesting, great speaker, met up with a colleague from another school and went out for coffee - great to chat. Shame to be indoors, but at least some sun at lunchtime. Today - after a lovely walk to and from church to celebrate Pentecost, I have been on the computer ALL DAY working NON STOP (other than cooking up a lovely lunch of tilapia and butternut squash for H and I - made the leftover squash into soup later) on the computer, so have a sore back now, and still haven't finished!

Here's my list, with the completed things in red:

1. Revision overview stuff for Years 10 and 11.
2. Plan ICT presentation for Tuesday / Wednesday slots.
3. Email mentor about project.
4. Amend Year 9 assessment.
5. Write Year 7 reports.
6. Write lesson plans for my project.
7. Complete booklet on Hinduism.
8. Plan lessons and homework for this week, including some cover lessons.
9. Plan lesson for observation next week. (Mostly done ... some tweaking left.)

I'm sure there are loads more things ... as well as all the other non-school stuff on my other list. But I suppose that's not bad for today ... Will get off to bed now. Have to wake up H and move him to the other room ... he was in France last night, and has slept most of today!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Off to bed

Droopy eyelids, dodgy typing (you should see the mistakes I'm making as I go along ... in fact, it's much better that you don't!), and I'm about to head to bed. We've been to see Iron Man tonight. I had resisted for some time, but eventually relented. And, because my sights were set low, it exceeded my expectations! Very silly in lots of places, and a bit simplistic as well, it was also quite a lot of fun, as well as a pseudo-serious undertone for us all to take away and reflect on.

Right. Must go to bed. Big day tomorrow. Another course. Goodnight!

PS Another hot day ... I have worn three of my summer dresses now. Pink, brown and today, green.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Yet another sunny day!

It just keeps getting warmer and warmer! Which is great, apart from the fact that the pupils get wetter and wetter, then thirstier and thirstier, then need to go to the toilet more! But at least doing my break duty was wonderful for a change!

Strange occurrences today ... First of all, I have received a penalty notice for failing to comply with a give way to oncoming vehicles sign. Which is strange, because the photo they have sent to highlight this infraction of the law clearly shows me stopped (I think with my brake lights on) behind another car, as we wait for a bus to proceed. The woman I phoned says that there is no problem, so I should not have been sent this. Interestingly, I've never noticed the camera before, but I will tomorrow! ....... Actually, as I typed that, I have just remembered a little CCTV car that was parked near there one day ... perhaps that was the day! Well, in that case, I shall certainly take more care of those little cars from now on. Little periscopic smart cars. Or not so smart cars.

Secondly ... I have just received a letter from my bank, inviting me to take part in some sort of "spread trading", with the enticement of a Nicklaus Dual Point Driver* if I take up this offer! Now, I'm not planning on getting involved in the stock market just yet, but I was curious about what I could receive ... I know, the clue should have been in the Jack related title, but it took looking on the back of the letter to find out that this great gift is, in fact, an expensive golf club. Hmmm. I wonder what sort of info they have on me that means they think that might interest me in the slightest? Have they confused me for a middle aged, balding, gently spreading and almost portly bank manager? (apologies to anyone who resembles this description, and I wasn't thinking of anyone in particular since the only person who might begin to isn't balding and hasn't played golf for many years, although he did win a bottle of whisky (miniature) and perhaps a wooden spoon?? once a long, long time ago!) Unless they know my uni and have decided that I must have partaken of the local services at one point a long time ago! Anyway, that's another one for the bin.

And the tax disk is due ... which presumably means it's almost also time for the MOT as well. So that's something else for the to-do list! (Which hasn't shrunk recently, but instead has got longer!)

Lessons? Well, the Year 10s could listen more, but at least they were there, with one lesson to go now before their exam; the Year 9s had a rowdy student who eventually had to be removed but at least are friendly and funny; the Year 8s are far too noisy but at least the three loudest ones did turn up for their detentions; and the Year 7s are still quite lovely, with a couple of exceptions, but then it's just about talking to their neighbours too much instead of listening rather than bullying each other or deliberately making silly noises.

Now I am a bit dehydrated so must go and get a drink!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Another sunny day!

What a deliciously lovely day! I wore my first dress of the year (I ate my first ice cream of the year last night on the way home), and hardly needed to wear my cardigan. The sky was blue, the air warm and balmy; at lunch I headed outside to be greeted by that warm musky smell of plants, grass and heated earth, mixed in with that familiar smell of melting astroturf as I headed towards the canteen. Then at the end of lunch the heat of the midday sun was refreshed as I was splashed a number of times by teenagers throwing water at each other to kindly cool each other down. One of those lovely school days, where everything seems bright and happy, when things look positive and the thought of staying on seems like a really good idea ...

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Blue Skies

Lovely to have clear blue skies today, loads of sunshine, warm and glorious.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Bank Holiday Blues

What a lovely day it is today! But here I am, stuck inside, trying to get all my admin done! Woe is me!! And we've just had a powercut for the past two or three hours, so no internet access - which has been good, in that I've managed to mark some assessments - but not so good in that I kept thinking, "I should ... look up my new classlists on the internet ... Oh no, I can't. I should ... find out more info about that job ... Oh no, I can't! I should ... look up some info for the new scheme of work I'm writing. Oh no, I can't!"

Had a lovely day yesterday visiting friends, which it makes it all worthwhile though. They now have three lovely children, so I took 140 photos (ah, the age of digital photography!) a few of which I've uploaded to Facebook. Very nice to see all the family, more so since they will be overseas for a year, leaving in a few months time. However, with blogs and Facebook and Skype, I am sure we'll be able to keep in touch and see how the children are growing!

Now, where was I? ... Marking, that was it. Bye!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

To do!!

I'm updating it to take away the things I've done and to add more things I have to do ...

1) Visit our friends with a six week old baby
2) Plan a unit on the Holy Spirit that involves art (05/05/08 - I have written the assessment)
3) Plan the forthcoming lessons
4) Sort out the car insurance stuff following my accident last month
5) Mark the two sets of Y7 assessments
6) Mark the two sets of Y9 assessments
7) Mark the Y8 assessment
8) Complete Risk Assessment for school trip (I should point out that I have done most of this, but I have still to write the letter to parents and actually hand it in.)
9) Arrange graduation stuff (at least I've started on this by asking for time off!)
10) Bind my dissertation
11) Complete a booklet on Hinduism (05/05/08 - I have started this, and have the headings)
12) Keep an eye on the job market
13) Write Y7 reports (05/05/08 - Have at least started ... all data entered, just have to write the things now!)
14) Plan two sessions on web stuff
15) Plan session on AfL for NQTs

Have just finished watching High Fidelity. That was fun! Am tired now. Can't really believe how much I've got to do ... Blue things on the list are specifically school related. And they should all turn red eventually as they are completed!

(By the way, we did our civic duty on Thursday, and voted. And now we have Boris!)